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    Residents urged to object
    By Cullen Smith - Monday, April 7th 2014:

    Eastern suburbs residents with concerns about their latest property valuations are being urged to lodge individual objections to Quotable Value. Valuations sent out by QV on behalf of the city council last month vary widely, with some north-western residential rising up to 30 per cent but land values in the east have fallen - in some cases up to 33 per cent. The Parklands Recovery Group was planning a joint objection, but has since been advised that each individual land owner must make their own objection. Group co-ordinator... 

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    Housing boost for elderly
    By Max Towle - Monday, April 7th 2014:

    Elderly people will again be given high priority when eight new housing units open next year. The city council last week announced four one-bedroom and four two-bedroom flats will be built in Osborne St in Waltham. City councillor and Housing Committee chairman Glenn Livingstone said it was not yet finalised who would occupy the flats, but said elderly people would easily fit the bill. "With these units being one and two-bedroom, they will be aimed more at singles and couples," he said. "There is a growing demand from the ba... 

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    Cycle groups angry
    By Fiona Thomas - Monday, April 7th 2014:

    Cycle groups and community leaders are angry that there will be no separated cycleway running alongside the new western corridor motorway. Just days after the city's fourth cycle fatality in 15 months, cycle groups say the proposed cycling infrastructure for the major road is not enough to keep commuters safe. Sharla Haerewa, a 22-year-old nursing student, was killed while cycling along a painted cycleway on Lincoln Rd last Wednesday morning after colliding with a truck. The new western corridor, which will connect Belfast a... 

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    Art may titillate the royals
    By Max Towle - Friday, April 4th 2014:

    THE DUKE and Duchess of Cambridge will be treated to a close-up view of the city's most famous nude woman when they visit this month. The royals will walk beneath the strip club Calendar Girls' controversial mural when their tour of the city begins in Latimer Square on April 14. A city council spokeswoman told The Star there were no plans to cover the mural. Calendar Girls spokeswoman Belinda McPhie said: "I am sure the royal family has been enjoying body scape art for centuries now." "Why would they want to cover art? I thi... 

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    Crime reduction plan may go city wide
    Cullen Smith reports - Wednesday, April 2nd 2014:

    Cutting crime and supporting the 'good guys' is a new initiative happening in Phillipstown which could be rolled out in other parts of the city. Latest figures released yesterday show recorded crime at a record low level since 1994, falling by more than 5 per cent in the 2013 calendar year. A total of 40,393 offences were recorded in the year to December 31, compared with 42,796 in the previous year - a drop of 5.6 per cent. While overall crime fell, the proportion of crime resolved by police fell slightly from 45 per cent i... 

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    Dangerous intersections
    BY TOM DOUDNEY - Tuesday, April 1st 2014:

    Four Selwyn intersections feature on a list of the country's 100 worst for crashes. The list has been compiled by the New Zealand Transport Agency and local Government using crash statistics from 2003 to 2012. The highest of Selwyn's entries on the list, in 69th place, was the intersection of State Highway 1 and Aylesbury Rd in Burnham. It has had 10 injury crashes during the 10 years, although only one of those resulted in serious injuries. In 83rd place is State Highway 1 and Dawsons Rd near Templeton, with 10 injury crash... 

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    Plan to put brakes on Addington
    By Max Towle - Monday, March 31st 2014:

    A plan to curtail business growth in parts of south Christchurch has been described as "farcical" by a property developer. The city council has introduced new rules to its draft District Plan review that would freeze commercial business growth in Addington, specifically on thriving Lincoln Rd, in a year's time. The rules have been introduced with the aim of stimulating commercial growth in the central city. Property developer and Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey author Hugh Pavletich told Southern Vi... 

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    Land may go industrial
    By GaBrielle Stuart - Monday, March 31st 2014:

    Several Templeton residents will see their views change from rural to industrial ones if plans for a business park are approved next week. - An industrial zone between Main South Rd and Trents Rd would allow local businesses to grow in the area, but would also leave around 15 residential properties surrounded by business infrastructure. City council staff met with affected residents and businesses last week to discuss the proposed zoning changes, which will be put before the city council in early April. Riccarton-Wigram C... 

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    Introducing riders to equestrian life
    Nor'West News - Monday, March 31st 2014:

    Pippa Young heads the new equestrian programme at Rangi-Ruru Girls' School, the only one of its kind in the South Island. She talked to Fiona Thomas about riding, coaching and travel on horseback. So Pippa, what is your official position at the school? I'm the director of equestrian. Is this a new position for you? It's a brand new programme we started this year, so I have just been in that role this year. It's a fantastic time to introduce it because it's our schools 125th anniversary this year. What did you do before you s... 

      LocalNews   Pegasus Post
    Land value worry for people in the east
    By Cullen Smith - Monday, March 31st 2014:

    Eastern suburbs residents worried about the latest property valuations slicing thousands of dollars off their land values are planning a joint objection. Valuations sent out by Quotable Value this month vary widely throughout Christchurch with some residential properties in the northwestern suburbs jumping up to 30 per cent. But land values in the eastern side of the city have fallen up to 33 per cent, while buildings on them have risen in value - meaning rates remain essentially the same. Parklands Recovery Group spoke... 

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    Pilot suicide theory
    By Vaimoana Tapaleao - Friday, March 28th 2014:

    Professor Newbold (right), who lectures on terrorism at Canterbury University said the only person who could have changed MH370's computerised flight plan and switched off its electronics was someone who was highly experienced. That person, he acknowledged, could only have been the pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, a man with 30 years of flying experience. His co-pilot on the March 8 flight, 27-year-old Fariq Abdul Hamid, was fairly inexperienced; having only been on his sixth flight in the cockpit and the first time as... 

      LocalNews   The Star Midweek
    Friend grieves for city man on MH370
    By Cullen Smith - Wednesday, March 26th 2014:

    A GRIEVING friend of former Christchurch man Paul Weeks said news confirming the loss of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 ended all hopes for a miracle. An engineer, Mr Weeks, 38, was aboard the ill-fated airliner heading to a new job in the mining industry in Mongolia when it vanished off radar screens on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing 18 days ago. A second New Zealander, Auckland man Ximin Wang, was also on the flight. Mr Weeks had been living in Perth with wife Danica and sons Lincoln, 3, and Jack, 11 months, ... 

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    Retaining wall woes
    BY EMMA-JANE MCLENNAN - Wednesday, March 26th 2014:

    Lyttelton residents were shocked and confused when the city council gave them the responsibility for repairing and replacing nearby retaining walls. - They have been the city council's responsibility for 150 years. Many were originally built by prison labour in the early 1900s, and need to be extensively strengthened and replaced. Harry and Debs Duncan own a property on Selwyn Rd in Lyttelton, and they were told that they must help repair the wall along the road. "They [the city council] stated that the wall outside our ...